Revanna Umadevi Nagaraj, World Women's Ladies Billiards Champion 2012

Meet Revanna Umadevi Nagaraj,World Women's Ladies Billiards Champion 2012. And most of the people in INDIA wouldn't have heard of her.

 This 47-year-old Bengaluru resident became the world champion in 2012 after defeating World Top Billiards. She is a senior typist with Karnataka State Horticulture Department. For someone who has never had a major financial support, her story certainly is the one with grit and dedication. She is the third Indian to win the world title.

She started her journey on sport quite late in her life, when she was in her thirties.
She is the real heroine. She isn't celebrity, But Indian media has no time for inspiring stories like this. But we do. Lets spread the word.